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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Limo Maryland

This is Limo Maryland’s privacy policy. Please read it before visiting Websiteur Website and its services.

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Privacy Policy of Limo Maryland

Privacy Policy Consent

Limo. Md provides this Privacy Policy to explain our policies and procedures concerning the collection, use, and protection of Personal Information obtained from your use of this Website at www.limo.md as Website any related websites, extensions, browser extensions, and other services we provide (collectively, the “Service”) and our relationships with customers, vendors, and partners. This Privacy Policy describes your rights and options concerning Personal Information. It also explains how to reach us to correct your contact information and answer any questions about our privacy practices.

Limo. Md owns this Website, and all its content” refers to the viewer or user of www.limo.md.

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and process your information. It also includes Personal Data (as described below) used to access this Website.

We will not share your information except as required by this privacy policy. Our Website will only use the information we collect for the purposes in this Privacy Policy and our Terms Of Use to Customers.

This Privacy Policy should be carefully read. It may be changed at any time on the Website. We will notify yoWebsitemail and prominently on our Website if there is a mateWebsiteange.

This Privacy Policy governs how you use any personal information we give or collect through our Website or its content. Website to the Privacy Policy by using our Website or its contents, regardless of whether you have read it.

We may collect personal information.

This Privacy Policy defines “Personal Information” as any information related to an identifiable or identified individual. The following sources provide us with Personal Information about you.

We will indicate, where applicable, whether or not you must provide Personal Information and the consequences for failing to do so. If we require it, or you are required by law to obtain it, your Personal Information may not be provided.

We collect personal information to provide a positive experience for you while using our Website or delivering servWebsite your home. We will only collect what is necessary to meet our obligations to you, and we might collect the following:

  1. We need your name and email address to send our confirmations, receipts, and travel/traffic alerts. You would also like to subscribe to our newsletter.
  2. We need billing information (name, address, and credit card details) to process payments and fulfill our contractual obligation to you.
  3. If you fill out our contact form with questions, your name and email address will be required. We may send you a marketing email with your consent if we need to contact you.

Please note that the Personal Data (“Personal Data”) you provide us is voluntary, and you consent to our use, collection, and processing by providing this information. We are happy to erase your Data or opt out of using it. Please get in touch with us at [email protected].

You may not be allowed to use certain features of our Website if you do not provide Websitecific Personal Data. You must follow our privacy policy to get better service. Enjoy your sound journey.


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