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Transformer Party Bus

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Transformer Party Bus

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Limo Maryland offers Pro Star Transformer Party Bus Rentals

You can buy everything or nothing! It’s the Transformer bus and the world’s longest and biggest party bus.

It’s necessary to witness it to believe it since even the most stunning images cannot convey this limousine bus’s sheer size and splendor.

The only Monster Truck available in  Maryland  This amazing and unique limo bus is unlike anything the world hasn’t seen before and is now accessible in MD and beyond. Contact us to make a reservation, and we’ll meet you at your location!

The Beast illustrates the future of limousine and party bus transport. This is the most unique, eye-catching, extravagant limo bus ever produced.

This is the hottest limousine party bus design, and no other companies can match or offer the same service.

This beast truck was built to offer an exclusive interior and 3D lighting, surround sound that makes everyone’s heads turn, and an exterior that will leave everybody wanting more.

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